Chinese children crush Americans in math thanks to a mindset Americans only display in one place: sports

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I just read this article and it is so shot on.  I’m now looking into reading the book.  


Follow the Money

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Notice I did not, and refused to, post on this last election.  It made my head hurt.  Hillary=Nut Case.  Trump = Nut Case.   There you have it.

I do find it interesting how both parties are so stupid and so greedy.  I also find it interesting how similar the two parties are.  If you think there is a two party system in the US of A, you are extremely naive.  Also, if you think the people have a say in the government, then you are extremely crazy.

All I can say is follow the money.  Who really elects these people?  Who really controls your representative?  Money, not you the stupid person.  Every elected official thinks that YOU cannot take care of yourself.  Your elected official believes they know what is right for YOU.  Your elected official thinks you are so stupid that YOU cannot elect or decide what or how to do anything.  Think about it.


As first debate looms, what to expect from Obama and Romney

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As first debate looms, what to expect from Obama and Romney – Let’s see. More BS? Lots of hot air? No real meat? The problem is not the candidates. It is the voter. The regular Joe blow that has fallen to non-thinking and propaganda. I’m sick of how we protect ourselves from our selves using government. Schools teaching students to sit and be told what to do. Unions screwing consumers by forcing employers to raise prices on goods. Greedy employers who screw consumers for that profit so they can convince others they need more. Just sick of it.

I Actually Had to Moderate a Comment Today

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I will post this person’s response to the post Stop Being Babies, but I will not post the name or fake email address. If you do not use a god damned real email address or brave enough to leave an intelligent comment, don’t bother.

Here’s the comment:, and I quote: “U R A TOTAL DUCEBAG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

As you can tell this comes from a highly intelligent individual who did not use a name, but did misspell the word Will. WIIL is not the proper way to spell Will.

As for a Ducebag, I believe that is Douche Bag, two words.

My conclusion: God help us if this person is allowed to vote.


America Was Not Built on Dirt Alone

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America Was Not Built on Dirt Alone – So, really, how was America built?

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A Few Pointers for Baseball’s Worst Fans

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A Few Pointers for Baseball’s Worst Fans –

Why Are People Lemmings?

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I can ask why are people idiots, or why are they stupid?  I guess it doesn’t matter. What I observe is they are lemmings and will follow the nut cases to which they are attracted.  Liberal types hang on any and all words liberal while conservative types do likewise. What is wrong with moderate?  What is wrong with having a little of both?  In addition what is wrong with thinking for oneself? 

Start thinking for yourself, people.  Extremism of any type is pretty ugly. Look around you.  Ugly.  Too liberal, chaos; too conservative, religious myopia.  A little bit of both, a calm steady mind, and an open mind. 

Work to live, don’t live to work.  Eat moderately and thoughtful, and you will be healthy.  The list goes on.  Use common sense and you will live long and prosper. 

‘We are the 99%,’ L.A. marchers chant at protest

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‘We are the 99%,’ L.A. marchers chant at protest –

First government makes it hard for businesses to run. Now the people want these same businesses out. The same one that hires these same protesters. It is ironic.

Now don’t get me wrong:  the same businesses also put billions in the hands of politicians. I think these people should be protesting how government screws them by making wacky deals with mega-corporations.  Unfortunately the small businesses are going to get hurt, too.  This country was built by people with vision. Let’s not lose track of that. Let’s innovate and move forward.

Innovate. Educate. Build your future. Stay focused.

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Baseball “Fans”?

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Watching baseball live is no longer a family event. We were enjoying a game last night with our 5 year old. Until the end of the 5th inning when 5 Hispanic gentlemen sat down behind us and began having a loud conversation not related to the game. This is what they sounded like in print,

“Hey motherfucker, these are great seats for the price.”
“Fuck ya. I thought sitting in the fucking corner was going to suck, man. Shit, these are awesome.”
“We were sitting fucking way up there. Fucking good seats, too, but these are better motherfucker.”

You get the gist. Every other word out of their mouth was a profanity. My wife asked politely if they can refrain a bit due to the 5 year old. They start muttering, “that’s the difference between an East coast game and a West coast game.” Of course at this point they are talking out of their asses.

How sad to think that no one has any consideration any longer. You can cheer and support your team. Profanities are the norm in that respect. Just grow up and be aware that some of us are trying to raise children who understand respect and consideration. I’m not talking the “liberal” kind, either. I’m talking real values.

My attitude changed when I checked the score this morning. I don’t like hoping our team would lose, but this time I did, and they lost big time after holding a lead all game.

Take that you motherfuckers. Inconsiderate jackasses.

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Black Boxes in Car?

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Transportation Department to propose mandatory black boxes in passenger vehicles? –

I’ve been holding off comment, but I am getting quite perturbed by the government trying to protect us from ourselves. Actually it is protecting idiots from themselves. Way too many laws. When it comes to this subject, maybe black boxes can protect non-idiots from idiots.

When it comes to drivers there are numorous idiots on the road. Just yesterday between home and work my blood pressure went up due to tthose who ccannot merge, those who thing 55mph is the speed limit, and those who panic break when they see a cop busy writing some other idiot a citation.  These are the same idiots that cause wrecks.  The same who do not know when to slow down in the rain.  Having a black box may be what we need to control insurance costs and drop frivolous law suits. Getting rid of no-fault insurance laws and making people responsible for their actions may be a good thing, and the black box may be a start.

No, I do not like the government potential of looking into our private lives and tracking our movements, but this box could be regulated to just it’s purpose of nailing idiots.

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