The Ring Neighborhood

Posted in Uncategorized by idiotwebmaster on June 7, 2020

Do you have a Ring device? Do you subscribe or even care about the Neighborhood? You should. It is quite the entertainment. What should be used for information sharing and helping out your neighbors has become a joke to many users.

Look at the posts in your Neighborhood. I see many regarding helicopters. Someone will post there is a helicopter circling over such and such, what is happening? Then comes the flood of comments. Call you local PD non-emergency number and ask. Go outside and look. And, and occasional good reply stating they are looking for a missing person or a robbery suspect.

I see posts about warnings about cars being cased, or a vehicle was broken into. In many cases the vehicle in question was unlocked! A good reminder to lock your doors and keep valuables out of your vehicle or hidden. Common sense.

I love the posts of coyotes wandering through. Those are the best. Where I live we have coyotes. An educated person with common sense will know you do not leave your little fluff ball pooch outside alone at night knowing that coyotes are around. Missing cat posts. Same thing. Your cat is missing. Sad. Two things happen with cats: 1. they go out for a stroll and come back. That is what cats do. 2. they go out and do not come back. They are either struck by a vehicle or caught be a coyote.

I really do not know if there are any laws about posting comments, so I have not. I should. The comments are great fun. The best is when a bike is stolen and someone posts have you called the police. The response is not yet. Let’s see, even if the police have not time for you, the call is registered and they must at least log the situation. If more people call in do to a rash of thefts, guess what, they have a trend and will respond.

And one of my favorite is the video of a brazen “thief” who actually ripped the doorbell off the house. A great face shot. Ring will replace your device if you have this happen, but you must file a police report.

Don’t forget the porch pirates. It is amazing how many low life folk are out there to get free stuff. Probably the same people who join riots and loot. They feel entitled to anything in a box. Sad, but true.

Stay safe out there!

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