Protests: Good and Bad

Posted in Uncategorized by idiotwebmaster on June 5, 2020

We’ve have been hit by tragic situations. Such situations should promote, encourage, change. This change should be for the good of all. Should. What a weak word, but we live in a weak world.

The Good: People must come together and change for the good. What has happened should open ones eyes to the lopsided view of our society. It should open our eyes to the few bad that perpetuate and hinder our ability to change. Protests are good to get the word out. They must be peaceful.

The Bad: You have the other extreme which will attempt at all costs to undermine the word. Riots occur in the guise of a not so peaceful protest. It looks like the protesters going mad, but in reality it is others who what to undermine and take focus off the word.

I have an issue with the media. If they are trulyl reporting, they would follow the leads and inform the public where things have gone right and where things have gone wrong. They must not interject their opinions. State facts. If they state facts that turn out to be wrong, they must correct those statements as soon as possible. Their job is to inform, not sensationalize.

I agree that law enforcement must uphold the laws we have, without bias. So training is a must. Outreach would be good. My issue are the rich and famous, and all those who wish to defund law enforcement. Why? They need funds to properly train, get enough “good” people out there, and have enough to do the outreach. Without funds, pay will be low, and quality will result in what we have seen. Compare that to funding education. Same thing. Less funds, less resources, less qualified instructors, less interest in becoming a teacher.

Bottom line is common sense. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Doesn’t matter what race, religion, or planet you come from. Truly notice the evil and correct it. Elect leaders that are leaders. In our country, you must get off your ass and vote. Educate yourself. Do not just accept what you read in a headline or see on TV. Truly educate yourself. Don’t be an idiot.

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