Follow the Money

Posted in Uncategorized by idiotwebmaster on July 23, 2017

Notice I did not, and refused to, post on this last election.  It made my head hurt.  Hillary=Nut Case.  Trump = Nut Case.   There you have it.

I do find it interesting how both parties are so stupid and so greedy.  I also find it interesting how similar the two parties are.  If you think there is a two party system in the US of A, you are extremely naive.  Also, if you think the people have a say in the government, then you are extremely crazy.

All I can say is follow the money.  Who really elects these people?  Who really controls your representative?  Money, not you the stupid person.  Every elected official thinks that YOU cannot take care of yourself.  Your elected official believes they know what is right for YOU.  Your elected official thinks you are so stupid that YOU cannot elect or decide what or how to do anything.  Think about it.


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