Awesome Video on California Waste

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This YouTube video shows exactly what California is all about.  Welfare to travel and gamble.  Sweet!  I better lose my job soon so I can  vacation!


What does Illegal Mean?

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Has anyone figured out what the word illegal means? Apparently its definition is different depending on who you are. Let me clear it up.

The dictionary defines illegal as thus: Against the law.

Seems clear to me. If you break or go against the law it makes you or the act of doing it illegal. Example: Entering a foreign country without the proper paperwork is illegal.

That doesn’t seem too difficult to grasp now, is it?

I was unable to visit Germany, China, and even Canada without proper authorization. Why is it different here in the U.S.? If you are illegal, then you will be arrested.

Here is something to think about. Illegal aliens do not pay taxes. The government then raises your taxes. You don’t have a job, so you don’t pay taxes. Why do you not have a job?

I know throwing that job thing in there is weak, but only simple minds can follow it. In reality it is more about allowing companies to do business, fairly. If they are in business, they pay taxes. It is all about being fair. But what is fair now-a-days?

A whole new subject. Learn to think, people!

Election Time!

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With the elections coming up fast and furious observe how the races have become bullying matches. It all is a power struggle without the interest of the people in mind. It is the “all about me” syndrome. I thought government was to help serve and protect the people.

Clearly, at least in California, there are two candidates who are not qualified to be in office. There is a whole state government filled with career swindlers. Look at the state today and you can see it. Good luck CA!

Let me say that taxing the people to death is not a good thing, either. Lower the taxes, cut stupid programs, and make people willing to work by making things a bit more business friendly. Unfortunately the special interests have ruined the purpose of government making a recovery very difficult.

It’s all downhill. Good luck and vote for common sense! Vote against party lines, even, especially if the party is not what you signed up for.

And What is Wrong with our Government?

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U.S. bid to block weapons to Mexico misfires – U.S. news – Crime & courts –

Since we have such a dysfunctional government, we may as well lay down.  I won’t.  I’ll continue to fight.

Were they Illegal Aliens?

Posted in Uncategorized by idiotwebmaster on July 28, 2010 – Three Arizona Police Officers Shot, Suspect Killed

You know that is what people are thinking!

They Do It Again: Riot!

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Oakland damage extensive from unrest; at least 80 arrested –

There are better ways to protest than attack innocent businesses and people. Grow up.

7/9/10: Update!
Just heard on the news that most of those arrested were NOT from Oakland! Jerks went to the city to cause trouble. Is that nuts?

It’s NOT Racism!

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Arizona immigration law unlikely to survive a federal lawsuit, legal experts say –

It is NOT racism.  It is a matter of entering the country legally or illegally.  If the federal government will not uphold its own laws, the the individual states must be able to do it for them.  It is not what the states are supposed to do; assist in upholding federal laws? 

And You Thought it was only Mexicans…..

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ACLU = Lame

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ACLU issues warnings for travel to Arizona – Travel – News –

I feel the ACLU is an organization that was good in its time.  It now propagates and initiates stupid statements to help keep itself alive.  They do not do it for YOU, they do it for THEMSELVES.  I plan on traveling to AZ this year.  I’ve been there already.  It is a beautiful state which shows signs of deterioration due to the illegal ALIEN (not immigration) issue. 

The law is the law.  If you are LEGALLY in the U.S. you have nothing to worry about.  Carry your passport or whatever.  If you are not in the U.S. LEGALLY, then you have something to worry about. 

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Dick Drivers

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This dick was on the freeway. Cut across 3 lanes to make exit. Then he almost rear ends the guy in front of him.

Final stop that he was rushing to? 7-11! Must have been a special on Bud Light!