Parent Your Children, DO NOT Be A Victim

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Mom and Consumer Group Sue McDonald’s For Luring Kids with Happy Meal Toys – TIME Healthland

I think this is soooo stupid.  If you parent your children, teach your children, and LOVE your children, you will pass on good values to your children.  This means they will learn that receiving a Happy Meal is a treat and not for daily consumption.  Are people that stupid they must be the victim and place blame on others instead of looking at themselves and how they parent their children?  To be a parent you must learn how to say “NO”.  You learn to say no and teach them at the same time:  This is what makes a great parent. 

Stop crying, grow balls, and become a parent!


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Earmarks: Effort to ban earmarks fails in Senate –

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Earmarks: Effort to ban earmarks fails in Senate –

Looks like the Dems want to continue to back-stab the American people by allowing earmarks.  I continue to ask the question:  Who pays for all of this?

And on to Real Idiots….

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Heated spray cans rockets out of Portland oven and into attic |

A friend sent the link.  You gotta love those people who lack either common sense or went through a public education system!

Wow! This is Enlighening.

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Gasoline prices may climb back to $3 a gallon nationally –

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Gasoline prices may climb back to $3 a gallon nationally –

Let’s see.  Where I live the price has NOT fallen below $3 for a long time.  Is the rest of the country so priveledged to not have $3 per gallen gas?  Luck you.

If you are curious, we pay $3.19 per gallon as of yesterday.  There are some cheap places, but then your credit card gets ripped off.



Illegals Qualify, but not Legals?

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Illegal immigrants can qualify for in-state college tuition, court rules –

Is it right for an illegal immigrant to pay lower tuition for education than a legal, in-state resident?  Is it FAIR that your child/young adult must pay premium prices for education than an illegal immigrant?  Why is it so difficult to comprehend this? 

My great-grandparents had to go through the proper channels.  Many people go through the proper channels to become citizens.  Why does California have to make illegal folks so comfortable.  Why don’t we just annex Mexico and really share the pain with the rest of the country?  I’m so tired of hearing about these oxymoronic moves.  When states and the feds start treating their own citizens as bastards you know you have a problem. 

Taxes, taxes, taxes

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Obama says he’s not caving on tax cuts –

I met with my financial adviser and tax guru last week for a seminar.  Yes, taxes are going up for everyone next year.  All the tax brackets are changing.  Be prepared to bend over.

What I do not understand is how government, from local to national, seems to forget that us little people pay their salaries and fund stupid programs these same politicians “earmarked” into bills.  We pay.  We do not pay if we do not work.  Simple enough.  Tax businesses until they go out of business.  Businesses not in business do not hire people.  People not hired or working do not have money to pay taxes.  Get it? 

My mind is way to simple to comprehend all this stuff.  Maybe I need to drink or something. 

Earmarks, Earmarks, Earmarks

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Obama, Republicans agree: Reform culture of earmarks –

I will believe it when I see it.  For years politicians have been passing laws with tons of baggage attached of which the people knew nothing about or were led astray.  Earmarks are ways to get things done without voter approval.  A law or some policy is written.  The people like it and vote for it.  Then our wonderful elected officials, whom we voted to represent us, turn on us and votes on a bill that has this baggage attached to appease special interest or some other whack-job.  Is this representing the people?  Remove earmarks, or whatever you call these things, and keep things simple and clear.

Thank you.

Of course, I’m stupid and do not understand this stuff, so maybe that is why I am so bitter. 


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So San Francisco wants to tell you what your child should eat. They are telling McDonalds and other fast food places to make kid’s meals healthier. Should they do this? I think not. I believe the parents are responsible for what their children eat and do.

I teach my child that she cannot always have a Happy Meal. It is a “treat” or “special” and we do not eat these all the time. Luckily it is the nuggets she goes for, but the point is we do not eat this every day. Parents are lazy. They make up excuses for not parenting. If their child becomes obese or diabetic it is their responsibility.

If we want to change health care, we should penalize these “parents” with higher insurance premiums or rates for service. This may push parents to think more about their child’s health. It is unfortunate that we must penalize all the time. Maybe we reward those who parent well. Of course the only exception is a true medical condition not related to poor health habits.

Parenting means saying “no” to their children. It also means explaining why. Communication. Start early and often. Keep it positive. Kids are smarter than you think.

Bottom line is government must stop regulating every minute details of our lives.

Begging the Question

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Blacks struggle with 72 percent unwed mothers rate – Health – Women’s health –

I have one question, “Does this beg the question:  Why only blacks?”  And it begs another question, “Who is to blame, the men or the women?”  Are people so irresponsible that they walk away from their duty to raise a child?  One must also ask are people so uneducated that they have unprotected sex thinking everything is OK? 

It is a shame to see such statistics.  It is also a shame to think that many of the offenders (men) will blame the mothers.  What can society do to help with such idiocy?  Why does education not work?  Oh so many questions.  The bottom line is TAKE RESPONSIBILITY!

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